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Your Family's Home At Heart


Anglo-African Realty is a privately held, full service real estate firm located in Accra, Ghana. Since its inception in 2016, it has secured for itself a noticeable position in the Ghanaian real estate market, with an exclusive guarantee that you will always receive great Quality, Trust, Customer Service and Results.


Anglo--African Realty has always been committed to providing superior customer service and an unwavering dedication to the satisfaction of customers.The hallmark of the company is that it proactively seeks to improve quality, value and service by paying attention to every detail so it can present customers with hassle free residential properties, which are hard to find in a relatively young Ghanaian real estate market.


Our range of services includes but is not limited to developing premium gated communities, we also offer advice on mortgage financing, rental and management of the property. Multi-cultured, well educated, and extremely knowledgeable, our British and Canadian partners possess valuable competitive edge in identifying the best investment opportunities that perfectly address the demands of our customers.


Anglo-African Realty's operations are divided across two key units – Property Development, and Property Investment Management. Through these teams, Anglo-African Realty aims to maximize investor profits, provide customers with the highest level of service in the industry and deliver real solutions that truly enhance the value of their homes and investments.

Our current development is located in East Legon Hills because we embrace the premier rule of real estate....

Location! Location! Location!

East Legon hills  has annual property rates appreciating at an average rate of 25% annually over the last 5 years for the following reasons: good road networks to the city center, high levels of security, good access to water and electricity, hospitals and pharmacies, tarred roads and shopping centers. 

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